Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning to Deal.

There is always something that comes along that is unexpected. You never know when its gonna come along and you never know what it's going to be.  It doesn't matter if you have plans to see someone or plans to go somewhere, that something doesn't care and will happen out of your control.  You can't do anything to stop it and you just have to learn to deal with it....whether you like it or not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To The Unknown.

For the past few days I've been in a weird mood that's unexplainable.  I've gone through a lot with my friends and with Khris and I've realized my problem is that I haven't spent time with them like I should be doing.  Ever since I started my new job I feel like I've been non-stop working...and I felt like this before I got my promotion.  I don't know, this feeling is unexplainable and I don't know exactly where to put my finger on it.  I guess you could say its stress from fear of losing a friend or fear of not spending enough time with the one I love but I have plenty of time to make up for that.  I guess my biggest fear is the fear of not having enough time to live this life to the fullest.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


For the past few weeks I've been training for a new Team Leader position at my work Chick-fil-a.  I learned a few things here and a few things there, but it wasn't until tonight that I really learned something.  I  learned how to basically close up the restaurant, which is what I'll be doing for the most part.  My manager Glenn, made me a manager card, a register key, and a restaurant key making my position as a team leader an official one :) This promotion brings on bigger responsibilities and dedicating more hours but I think overall this opportunity will be an amazing one for me! Tomorrow is the first day that I'll be wearing a black shirt, which is what the managers wear, so I'm super excited :) I still have a lot to learn but I'm so ready and open to learn new things and making this job an exciting one...yeah working in fast food isn't the best industry but right now its the best for me and they are willing to work with my school schedule and I really need that too!

Everything seems to be falling into place for me and I feel so blessed.  I have found an apartment, I have a new job, and I'm going for VCU orientation on Friday which will finalize my classes for the fall. I have a week off of working coming up in July and an adorable niece that's supposed to be entering this world very soon! I'm so excited for the next few upcoming months of my life and I can't wait for them to get here! <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Childhood Memories.

Tonight I watched a movie called "Mortal Kombat" I'm sure many of you have seen it or at least heard of it.  Well when I was a little girl, my brother and sister, Russell and Jamie, and my cousin, Ethan, would watch this movie all the time.  For those of you who have seen it, you know how they strike the fight pose at the end of the movie when the emperor busts out of the building? yeah well we would get up off the couch and always strike the pose we wanted and then pretend to fight each other like they did in the movie.  Thinking back on this memory has really made me miss my childhood.  My brother, sister, and myself always had a crazy imagination...I couldn't even begin to explain the games we used to play just because you would probably think I'm crazy haha. But for example, we used to line books up and down our hallway and we would play "library" and we would pick up the books we want and then go to the "checkout line" which took place with my plastic electronic cash register that consisted of a fake scanner and monopoly money.  Looking back on it now I think what in the world were we thinking? But back then it was so real for us because our imaginations allowed us to go that far into a fantasy.  I miss having an imagination.  Even with Khris' niece and nephew I realize how powerful a child's imagination can be.  The other day I was playing cars with Jayden and I was the "bad guy" and he was the "good guy" and if I did something that wasn't within Jayden's imagination he would make it known.  It baffles me how quickly those imaginations disappear as we grow older.  We know longer believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy of the Easter Bunny.  We can no longer play cars and not feel like a complete idiot when we make the "vroom vroom" all know what I'm talking about.  Its so crazy how life can take our imagination away and how quickly things get technical.  I miss not having a job and when the only thing I did all day was play with toys...I miss not having a cell phone bill or any bills to pay for, for that matter.  I miss having my mom pay for everything...  Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I forget about where I came from and where I was raised.  Its nights like these when I take a drive down memory lane and can't do anything but smile just because of the crazy memories I have from camping, playing games, and dressing up in weird halloween costumes with my cousins...if only I could have the imagination that I had back then now, life would be a whole lot better.

Two Small Town Girls....Living In A Crazy World.

So yesterday my roommate Lisa and I went searching for an apartment done in the VCU area.  We had appointments to see two different apartments but ended up seeing around five...well they all were sketch and Lisa even got bitten up by fleas in not so good luck within the first couple of hours.  We were getting our hopes down when we saw a sign that said "2 bedroom apartments only $574 a month/per person" and we got really excited! So we stopped in and got to see a tour of three different apartments they had to offer and we finally settled with a 2 bedroom apartment at the Coliseum Lofts on West Broad Street.  We were ecstatic and we couldn't wait to finalize everything! All we have to do is get the application and our co-signer's application in my next friday and we're in oh plus we get a free 32" tv in our living room!!! Yes, that's right...a FREE 32" tv! :) Move in is August 8th and I'm so excited!

I knew that right when we walked into the viewing apartment that it would be the one.  I don't know how I knew but something just clicked with me, and luckily Lisa felt the same click! I'm gonna post more pics below this post for yall to check out as well so make sure yall see those :)

Things are falling into place just like I prayed for and I couldn't be happier that we found this place! I feel so blessed.  Finding this apartment has lifted a huge weight off my back and I can't wait to start my life at a VCU Ram. <3

This is the kitchen area which includes the fridge, stove, and dishwasher
This is the living room area which is right across from the kitchen! 
This is bedroom #1 with a huge closet :D hehe 
This is the bathroom...each room has their own bathroom, super excited about that! :)

Of course there is another bedroom and bath but they look exactly the same haha as you can tell is super cute and just the right size and I'm gonna have so much fun decorating!! :) 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finding a Balance.

For the past week things have kinda been on edge for me.  I've had to do things that I never thought I would have to do...and I'm not so sure I'm handling this in the best way.  What I've said and done is in the past and I can't change it now. I've been working six days a week lately and I feel like I haven't had time to enjoy my summer.  I know that I've said this already in past blogs but obviously nothing has changed. I see my friend's statuses on facebook saying "going to the river", "hanging out with him", "loving this summer" and I see them either while I'm at work on break or after I just worked a 9 hour shift.  I tell myself "wow I wish I could go to the river" but then I have to tell myself that I'll be happy once my paycheck comes.  Well my paycheck came today, and nothing changed.  Yeah, I was happy at the amount of money that I earned but it still didn't bring me the happiness that I'm looking for. They say that money can't buy you happiness and that's damn true.  I keep telling myself that I'm doing the right thing by taking this manager position at work but at the same time I'm thinking will this take up more of my time and more of my summer away, well what's left of it? I tried to ask off Fridays so that Khris and I can have a whole day to ourselves where we can do whatever we want and they said any day but Friday, so I said okay what about Mondays? and I was told not Mondays bc another girl has taken off Mondays and they need me to open from now on.  Well that does nothing for me because Khris works all day Tuesday, has class Wednesday and Thursdays and we both work on Saturdays.  So I feel like anyway I try to go I get shot down...I can't find an escape.  I'm blocked from whatever happiness I'm searching for and I'm exhausted trying to find a way for it to work.  Having money in my pocket, a full gas tank, and a solid job is all nice and I'm thankful that I have that...but I can't help but think is working this much and making that much money worth it if I don't get to enjoy my summer before school starts? I have my whole life ahead of me to work...I don't want to waste away what are supposed to be the most fun and greatest years of my life.

Now as I fall asleep to the sound of the rain outside I hope it will wash away this stress that has taken over me and that tomorrow will bring lots of sunshine because guess what? Tomorrow is my day off from work. Holler. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To Make A Choice.

There comes a time in your life where you have to do what's best for you than what's best for others.  It may be difficult and you may hurt some feelings along the way but in the end, everything will turn out just fine.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Never, in all my years of colorguard, have I been THIS sore. its ridiculous. I can't walk normal...I can't stand up without supporting myself on something...and I can't get out of the bed without someone helping me (my mom literally had to pull me out of bed this morning).  I've stretched, taken a hot bath, taken extra tylenol and I STILL hurt.  Oh, and the fact that I have to open at work tomorrow and every other day this week is gonna suck.  It'll probably help with working out the pain but I can't sit, bend over, or lift anything extremely heavy and my job description involves all of that so this should be a very interesting week of recovery for me. :/ I just wish I could take a hot bubble bath for a few days so I can get over this pain.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bikinis & Girl Talk.

Finally got some sun on this white skin of mine. :) haha

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Charlotte!

Tonight was my sister's baby shower for her baby girl Charlotte.  Let's just make it clear that I am SUPER STOKED to be an aunt!! I can't wait to hold her, kiss her and to love her.  She's the first grandbaby in the family so she will definitely be spoiled haha but that's okay :) Charlotte is due on July 13 so we have about 5 more weeks to go!! My sister is so beautiful pregnant and I know she'll be a great mom! Since I'll be moving down to VCU soon, I'll be close so I can come visit or babysit whenever Jamie & Ryne wanna get out of the house just them two.  I can't wait. She's gonna be adorable and I can't wait to hold her for the first time...I'll prob cry because I'll be so happy lol

In my gift to my sister, I wrote this letter and it means a lot to me so I thought I would share it with everyone:

The love of an Aunt
Is different from any other love a child can receive.

The Aunt stands in for a person you can tell things to that you can’t tell your mom. The Aunt is there to offer advice and to babysit when mom just can’t handle the crying anymore.

Being an Aunt will be a new experience for me, I won’t be perfect and I’ll make mistakes, but I do promise that I’ll always be there for her when she needs someone to talk to, to help her with her makeup, or to give her advice on all those crazy boys she’ll have to deal with.

I may not be able to buy her every little thing she wants, but I do promise to love her and support her in whatever she pursues.

Just as my Aunts were there for me and loved me, no matter what, I promise to love Charlotte the exact same way.

Love Always,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ten Minutes.

Its days like these that are the hardest to get through. I almost want to close my eyes all the time that way its not just him that I won't see all day.  I know he's tired, I know he's frustrated...I wish I could give him a hug or just hear his voice.  Today is the first day of the summer that I haven't seen him in person, it sucks.  I stayed busy today but throughout my whole day I was always thinking "I wonder how he's doing?" "I wonder if he's having a good day?" so inevitably I begin to think about him and think about him and think about him and that makes me miss him a lot...I haven't really seen much of Khris this week so going a whole day without seeing him, makes seeing him for 10 mins on the other days feel like a blessing.  I would've gave anything for 10 minutes today. I'm not even sure I'll see him tomorrow because I'll be busy then too with church and my sister's baby shower...all I know is that I'll never take 10 minutes for granted anymore.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Day Full of Friends.

Okay so Blogger is not letting me upload pics with my posts now so idk what's going on with that... :/ but anyway that's not gonna keep me from blogging :) haha

Today is my only day off from work this week so I took FULL advantage of it :) I went to the river with my besties Heather, Amy, Chelsea and Holden and Jared! We had dinner at Galaxy diner and then went back to Heather and Amy's to watch Big Bang Theory.  I know that that is only 3 things on my lists of things that I did today but my day was amazing. I hadn't seen Amy or Chelsea in a few weeks so spending some time with them was pretty awesome :) the only downfall to today is that I didn't get to see Khris much :/ I haven't really seen him much in the past 2 days and I won't get to see him tomorrow either :( between work and summer classes we're both SO busy...I hope we get a break soon to spend some quality time together :)

I get paid tomorrow so I'm looking forward to opening that check! CHA CHINGGGG :D haha

Life is pretty amazing right now...less stress, more love, more summer....this is how it should always be! <3