Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Senior Year has been absolutely amazing so far. Lots of homework, lots of papers, lots of reading but hey....what was else would school consist of right??

I fear that I'm getting caught up in too much though. I don't have a regular sleeping pattern bcuz I am always up late finishing homework after 3 hours of practice or 5 hours of work. I don't know what I should do. I love my life, the people in it and what I do but I fear that I'm taking on too much.

Something must give. What it is?.....i don't know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School. Guard. Homework. School. Work. Homework...

Well folks its official. I am a Senior in High School with 1 AP Class and 2 Honors classes. I know it doesn't sound like much but oh boy is it. I have already had 3 papers due, 1 quiz, and a few other assignments due. On top of that I have guard and work and so life is officially consumed. But I'm used to it u know? Some would say...when do you have time to hang out with your friends?? well lucky for me, I have 2 classes with Becca and lunch everyday with Heather. PLUS I get to see them after school for 3 hours at guard practice :D So all in senior year has had somewhat of a hectic start but I think once I get into the groove of all my classes and teachers and expectations and such the more fun, memorable, cherishable moments will begin to happen and Senior year will slowly (or rapidly) pass me by and soon I'll be off to College... but that's another other story...

Right now I'm living life a little stressed, a little busy, and a little fun. I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last First Day...

Today was a bittersweet day of happiness yet sadness as well. Today I started my last year of my high school career. SENIOR YEAR! I'm soooo happy that its finally here and that I'm that much closer to graduating but the more and more I think about it sooner or later I'm gonna reach a place in my life where "growing up" is a requirement. I'm ready to grow up and I'm ready to be on my own but the fact that I have 5 months till I'm a legal adults that's responsible for every decision she makes is a little overwhelming. I know that I can make it through with the help of my best friends and older friends who are there to offer advice to help me avoid mistakes and making wrong choices.

My classes aren't as overwhelming as I thought they would be, but then again its only the first day of classes where rules, procedures, and the basics of the class are talked about in EVERY class. So far I'm pretty "in-love" with my day 1 classes consisting of physics, AP Gov, Spanish, and Prin. of Business and Marketing. Tomorrow holds a new set of classes with new people and new obstacles to overcome.

School, work, and guard consume my life. Literally. And although I don't wish it any different...I am yet again the single one out of the trio. I'm not saying that I'm not happy for Heather and Becca and the special relationships that they have found but I just wish that I could find the same connection with someone. Someone that will walk to me class, hold my hand in the hallway, eat lunch with me, and just be there for me. Maybe I'm asking for to much at the wrong time in my life and I know that its wrong to create jealously in your heart because it can become a very wicked trait to have. But I can't help but think of all my past relationships and how poorly they turned out. I've never had a "successful" relationship last longer than 2 months. In my eyes, that's not normal. But then again who defines what normal is?? Idk. I know love will find me one day. I just have to learn to be patient and wait for the right guy...because according to my mother, the perfect guys comes into your life when you least expect him to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Senior Year = A Fresh Start!

Well folks, its official. I am a senior at Powhatan High School. Finally :) I got my schedule for all my classes and it really hit me that I only have one more year left and then i'm done and off to college!

Since my brother and sister moved out, I had to chance to move into my sister's room...which is much bigger than mine and I decided to go all out and repaint and everything :) I'm growing up and neon-flowered decorated room just isn't gonna cut i'm going with something a little more mature :) My colors are beige, brown, and green. I'm going to have an accent wall with vertical stripes of beige, brown, and green all the way down the wall. On the other walls I'm going to have a chair-height thick horizontal stripe of brown and below I'm doing various sized polka dots. Its taking forever to line the stripes up just right, but thankfully I have a mother that loves me and is working very hard to help me paint and everything. I'm planning on finishing the painting and the whole "moving-in" thing before school starts next tuesday.

With Senior year approaching very quickly...I sit sometimes and just think about how quickly my high school career has flown by. I think about all the drama, all the rumors, and the relationships, all the tests, all the projects, all the homework that I thought were gonna be impossible to go through but somehow in the midst of everything I have managed to pull throught. None of this would've been possible with my best friends right there beside me holding my hand and encouraging me that everything was gonna be just fine. I have made a promise to myself that I will not let the stupid petty little drama and rumors get to me. I can't control what people think of me, or what they decide to say about me. All I know is that I am who I am and if people don't like that, I dont' really care. The people that do like me for who I am are the people I spend a majority of my time with and that's all that matters to me.

With school, work, and guard all on my plate this year, I will be a very busy girl and I won't have time to get wrapped up in who is dating who, or who got completely wasted over the weekend, or the latest gossip of the school. That stuff is so middle school. And to think that people actually care is what's surprising to me haha

But regardless of all that, I will have a good year this year. And I won't let anyone get in my way. I'm walking into that school next tuesday the 8th with a whole new perspective on "high school" and everything that comes along with it. I've had some emotional and mental growth this summer and I've changed some of my morals completely. But that's just me and that's how I choose to be.

End of sentence.