Monday, March 12, 2012

Seven Wants.

1. I want to get married.  I know this may sound crazy but its something I wish I could truly do.  Khris and I can't afford it with the part-time jobs that we work right now but he has promised me that after college he will propose and we'll get married.  I can't wait.  I know that marriage isn't going to be as "perfect" as I think it will be and I understand that fully.  I'm ready to take that next step I just wish I could take it now...but I'll wait for however long I need to because to me it's worth it.

2. I want to go on a real road trip.  I always see people posting on facebook about how they're taking road trips to New York, Florida, Texas, etc. I want to do that! I want to set my iPod on shuffle, roll the windows down and drive until I reach somewhere I've never been.  I want to see the Pacific Ocean...I want to see the United States/Mexico line...I want to see the Statue of Liberty.  I would love to go overseas but that becomes a little more complicated than a road trip and far more expensive.  Maybe once I complete "Want #1" Khris and I will be able to afford it haha

3. I want to own a nice car.  I want to be able to go for miles and miles and not have to worry about checking all my gages every 5 minutes to make sure no lights come on, on my dash.  Maybe that's why I haven't completed "Want #2" haha I'm trying to save up for a car and so far I'm doing good but with rent, gas, cell phone, car insurance, groceries, etc. its a little difficult.  Hopefully I'll be able to save a lot this summer and get a little closer to this goal.

4. I want to go on a shopping spree and not have to worry about a budget.  Now I know this one will probably NEVER happen.  Unless Khris becomes mega rich from his job but I'm sure he would kill me if I ever did that lol.  This want comes from a little deeper concern though...this world is so focused on money and "to spend or not to spend."  I wish that taxes didn't exist and people really received every penny they earn.  I wish that money didn't define a person either...I have so many opinions haha i'm gonna move on now.

5. I want a puppy.  A little puppy.  One that I can snuggle with and sleep with on the nights that Khris doesn't stay over.  I know they are a big responsibility but I seriously think I could handle it.  I just love their unconditional love they give when you come home and they can't stop wagging their tails and how they want to literally take off a layer of your face with their tongues because they are so excited to see you! GAH I WANT A PUPPY.

6. I want to record a CD.  After I recorded a song with my Youth Pastor 2 years ago, I've wanted to get back into the studio.  I loved the atmosphere and the sort of "high" that I got from listening the playback of me singing.  I wish I could afford it because I think I could really go far.  When I received that gift my Youth Pastor I was ecstatic!! I didn't even mind waking up early that day to get to the studio in time.  Needless to say I know that if all else fails I still have my voice to fall back on.

7. I want to own a beach/lake house one day.  Most likely a lake house.  I love the lake and I would love to be able to have an escape whenever I needed one.  I would love to have a house like my Aunt and Uncle and I would love to have my family over during the summer time to go swimming, tubing, and skiing. It would just be perfect!

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