Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eight Fears.

Well what do you know...I told you I wasn't going to post again this weekend but I have miraculously found the time :) so here we eight fears:

1. Spiders.  I hate them.  No matter what size the are I still think that they could take me down.  I really hate the jumping ones (I think they are actually crickets...but they look like spiders).  At my parent's house they are also on the porch or the sidewalk and I never know which way they're going to jump so I always approach with caution.  I think this fear came from a super hilarious story from my childhood where a spider literally came after me in my bathroom one time.

2. Being alone.  I hate being alone, its so quiet.  Before I met Khris one of my biggest fears was ending up alone.  For some strange reason (probably because I was your average teenage girl who thought that evil was out to get her and make her life miserable) I was scared that I would end up alone.  I didn't think I was going to get married and if I did it wasn't going to be anytime soon.  But since I've met Khris and we plan to get married I don't ever have to fear about ending up alone.

3. Richmond at night.  I never knew how bad it was until I moved down here for school.  I hate that people cat call at you and think that its going to work.  Its the most repulsive thing ever.  Sometimes it happens during the day and its just as worse.  FYI: never walk alone at night in Richmond...its just a bad idea.

4. The dark.  Yes I'm 20 years old and still afraid of the dark.  It used to be a big problem when I was younger but every now and then I still get scared.  When I was a kid I had to sleep with a night light on because I was afraid to sleep in complete darkness...that's changed now that I'm older though.  You never know what's going to be in the dark...seriously, bad things can happen.

5. Tight places.  I do suffer from claustrophobia just a tad.  Its not a big issue really but I hate being in places where I can't get out of.  If I was ever buried alive I literally would FREAK OUT...I would go insane.  One time when I was little I had this horrible dream that I was in this box and I couldn't get out and I would up trying to get out of my bed and I was banging on the wall because I thought I was trapped.  Its a serious thing, no joke.

6. To be mean to people.  Now this one pertains more to work than my personal life but its still a fear of mine.  I hate confrontation and arguing, it just doesn't get anything done.  I'm all about talking in out and getting things straight as soon as possible.  I hate rumors too...I had a lot of trouble with this in high school but each time that it did happen I went straight to the source and I ended it.

7. Not getting a successful job.  My major is so broad and its not direct at all so I could pretty much do one would think that's a good thing but I see it as a bad thing.  I fear that I'm not going to get a successful job and I sometimes fear that my college education is going to be a waste.  But deep down I know that something is going to work out for me to have a good job.  Its just the fact that I don't know for sure what I'm doing that gets me all flustered.

8. Getting Sick.  It has to be about the worst thing ever.  I take vitamins and drink orange juice just about every morning so usually I'm good but once I get sick I'm down for days no matter what it is.  I thank God for the health he has given be but today especially I need extra prayers...feeling like blah :/

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