Friday, March 9, 2012

Nine Loves.

Gosh I really suck at sitting down and blogging everyday with a challenge like this one.  I get so busy with school and work that I'm like "Oh yeah I started that thing on my blog like 3 days ago and I'm supposed to be blogging everyday about it......oops." So here I am with my nine loves...this is gonna be hard. Bear with me people.

1. I love God.  As cliche as that might sound to some of you, I really love that God loves me unconditionally no matter how far I drift away or how close I am.  If I don't read my Bible everyday he will forgive me and still love me.  That's never going to change and I love the peace and comfort that gives me from day to day.

2. I love my family and friends.  Although I've had my fair share of "falling outs" with both of these groups we still love each other and are there for each other no matter what.  No matter how much distance is put between us and even if we don't talk everyday, it doesn't change our relationship.  Through the good, the bad, and the ugly I know I can count on my family and friends.

3. I love Khristopher Kendrick.  Wow I don't think I've ever spelt out his full name like that....*embarrassing* anyway.  He's the best man that God could've have blessed me with.  He's caring, supportive, loving, and just all around sweet.  My friends look at us and say "Its like y'all are still in the puppy love stage" even though we've been together for almost 2 years! But is that such a bad thing? We love each other and we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

4.  I love the lake.  I wish I could live there. Its so peaceful and quiet and I think it would be such a fun location to raise a family.  My Aunt and Uncle have a lake house down at Bugs Island and every summer my family goes down there for a weekend and I love sitting on their dock, soaking up the sun, with a good book to read.  It's simply bliss.

5.  I love flip-flops.  I wear them 24/7.  Although I have ventured out to some other styles of shoes, flip-flops are my "go-to" shoes.  They go with anything and I swear I have a billion pair.  I was greatly disappointed when my favorite flip-flops from last summer broke last semester and I have to walk a block on broad street with only 1 flip-flop on...probably the grossest thing I've ever had to do and I definitely got some stares haha

6. I love mashed potatoes.  They are grand.  I love any type of potato really (fries, bakes potato, fried potatoes) except sweet potatoes. I could live off of them.  When I have a house of my own and even in my apartment now there is ALWAYS a box of instant mashed potatoes in the cabinet.  I seriously ate 2 servings worth of mashed potatoes for dinner the other day.  I was not ashamed.

7. I love my job. Sometimes, it drives me crazy but 9 times out of 10 I love my job.  Its super fast-paced and I love it.  It kinda sorta keeps me in shape because I'm always on my feet going there, going here, lifting that box, pushing this over and that over.  I love the people I work with...I've made so many friendships with people there and I hope they last a lifetime. :)

8. I love to sing.  I sing for fun mostly but every Sunday here and there I sing at my church whether it be by myself or with my mom.  I love to sing about God and I love to harmonize with other people.  Kari Jobe is my "musical idol" I love everything she sings and the heart and soul she puts behind her music.  I wish I had a voice like powerful!

9. And last but certainly not least....I love bargain shopping.  Lisa and I have discovered this thrift store down in RVA called rumors and they have dressed me for so many occasions since I've lived down here.  They have really abstract articles of clothing and things that you would never ever buy but when you look at it you're like "Oh I can make that work."  Well that's totally me.  I used to be a very kinda "boring" dresser.  I would wear just t-shirts with jeans and no prints...I love solids in high school for some reason.  And know I've branched out to skirts with cute print tops...skirts with print, beaded tank tops, and cute accessories! I'm so ready for summer so I can show off my new stuff!

Hope y'all enjoy, I probably won't be posting again this weekend because it's my girl Lisa's 21st Birthday this weekend and we gonna party it up! :)

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